At NDT Electronic Services we design and manufacture X-ray & Gamma Enclosure Safety Systems.
Our safety systems comply with industry standards, IRR2017, EN13849 & EN62061

The ISIS safety system is a radiographic compound monitoring system. Its role is to inhibit/cease X-ray/Gamma radiography in the event that: The compound access doors are opened, an emergency stop is activated or a warning sign (Annunciator) has malfunctioned and display the status of the X-ray/Gamma machine connected to the system.


The ISIS Safety System features dual safety circuits and complies with the following standards:  EN ISO 13849 with an achieved performance level Ple, BS EN 62061, SIL3, Iionising Radiation Regulation 2017.

Its constituent parts are:

The central point and ‘brains’ of the system, all peripheral devices connect to the Interlock Unit.

Three stage LED illuminated warning sign displays the status of the X-Ray/Gamma system connected to the Interlock Unit. Each Annunciator features LED failure detection circuitry and an automatic test function. Up to 5 signs can be fitted to the system.


A waist height “grabwire” emergency stop that runs along the inner perimeter of the compound that allows personnel to manually stop the X-Ray/Gamma system from within the compound. Up to 5 Lifeline Emergency Stops can be fitted to the system.


A magnetically coded, non-contact, maintenance-free switch to be fitted to the compound doors. The door switches fail to safe in the event that the connecting cables are short or open circuit. Up to 4 ISIS Door Switches can be fitted to the system.


The siren strobe unit operates in the event of the emergency stop being activated or the compound door is opened whilst radiation is present within the compound. One siren strobe is fitted to the system.


The Radiation Alarm detects radiation within the compound and signals the Interlock Unit. One Radiation Alarm is fitted to the system.


We also manufacture these safety products:

The 500B GAMMA-ALARM is a portable, battery powered alarm system designed for Gamma-ray inspection areas utilizing an internal GM tube. The alarm will indicate audibly before and visually when an exposure is in progress.


We supply NDS radiation monitors

NDT-radiation-monitor-nd1000sThe ND1000s is a user friendly radiation monitor. The robust case, easy to use functions, long battery life and convenient size have proved to be a very popular combination.

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