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Our Partners

At NDT Electronic Services, we believe in great relationships and partnerships with leading global and national NDT equipment manufacturers to bring you, our customers, the latest exceptional products and technology.

These partnerships back up our unrivalled knowledge and high level of service.

We find customers come back to us time and time again for honest advice and consistent service.

Digital radiography (DR) is a trend that has grown quickly within the NDT field during the past few years. Originally developed for the medical industry, DR is slowly but surely replacing silver films. An increasing number of X-Ray detector manufacturers are extending their product ranges to address this mutation and are now providing various DR panels, using CMOS, Amorphous Silicon or linear scanners technics.

Positioned at the very forefront of innovation, Teledyne ICM developed DR inspection GO-SCAN detectors for specific NDT applications, such as corrosion detection, honeycomb structure control and shell head inspection.


In the world of non-destructive testing, Sentinel is a name synonymous with leading edge gamma radiography projector systems, isotopes and associated accessories.

Sentinel NDT products include an array of gamma and X-ray equipment and accessories.

NDT Electronics are authorised service agents for all Sentinel NDT equipment in the UK.


Gulmay is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high voltage, high frequency x-ray generators and controllers. Their reputation for reliability and innovation is based on more than 40 years experience in delivering the widest range of standard products available to meet the needs of system integrators and manufacturers throughout the world.


Rigaku offers X-ray radiography testing equipment in NDT inspection based on various kinds of portable industrial X-ray generators.

Rigaku offer X-ray NDT instruments, bringing more than half-a-century of experience in the field. These highly reliable instruments, combined with Rigaku’s specialised knowledge in the technique, will fulfil the needs of our customers in a wide range of applications.


COMET Industrial X-Ray develops and manufactures metal/ceramic x-ray sources, and the related modules, for the non-destructive examination of materials and components in the automotive, aviation pipeline and steel industries, and also for the stationary and mobile inspection of baggage and cargo at airports and borders.
COMET is constantly working to improve and simplify x-ray technology and is a trusted engineering partner to well-known companies. COMET’s innovative technology has become the basis for an unprecedented combination of performance and compactness that offers customers a new realm of possibilities in the development of their end systems.


NDS Products, Inc manufactures nuclear radiation detection instruments. These instruments are used in many fields, such as Industrial Radiography, Health Physics, Nuclear Power Plants, Geology,Medical, Emergency Response and a variety of other areas.