NDT Electronic Services Ltd service and repair a wide range of industrial X-ray equipment and together with our partners can supply you with X-ray equipment suitable to your needs.

X-Ray Generators

In the portable half wave sector we can supply Rigaku directional or panoramic systems with maximum kV ratings ranging from 200kV (3mA or 5mA) to 300kV (5mA).

Rigaku RF-300EGM2 and RF-200SPS are the most popular with our customers due to there durability and ease of use.

In the portable constant potential sector we can supply Teledyne ICM directional, panoramic and crawler systems with maximum kV ratings ranging from 160kV (5.6mA) to 300kV (2.5mA).

Teledyne ICM also offer a battery operated portable set range for less accessible areas, where the light weight modules come into their own.

In the static constant potential sector we can supply a Gulmay directional system with maximum kV ratings ranging from 160kV (19mA) to 450kV (10mA).


Digital Radiography (DR)

GO-SCAN detectors and Sherlock software are a winning combination for DR with up to 49.5 µm resolution.

Support, Spares and Repairs

As well as being able to offer full support for all our supplied systems, we can repair 99.9% of X-ray systems including G.E. Yxlon, Seifert, Andrex, Balteau, Scanray and Philips.

Film Viewers

We offer LED film viewers, the 3E LH-48, with a viewing area of 100 X 480cm with adjustable light outputs up to 400,000 LUX.

Users praise these viewers for their uniform and steady lighting created by the internal electronics.


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