NDT Electronic Services Ltd are an authorised service and supply agent for QSA Global Sentinel™ and can offer a wide range of equipment and accessories to suit your gamma radiography needs.

Together with our sister company, Gilligan Engineering Services Ltd, we can supply and transport QSA Global gamma sources and projectors.


NDT-Electronic-Services-880-ProjectorSentinel™ Model 880 Delta, Elite and Omega source projectors are portable, lightweight and compact industrial radiographic exposure devices.

NDT-Electronic-Services-Sentinel-Extreme-WindoutThe Sentinel Manual Windout control unit will operate with the Sentinel™ range of isotope containers.

It is comprised of the hand crank and gearbox, a pair of control housings, a Teleflex drive cable and a safety connector assembly.

The controller can be used to set the exposure time in hours, minutes and seconds, as well as initiating or terminating an exposure. The LCD screen shows users the set exposure time, remaining exposure time, distance the source has travelled, and whether the source is exposed or stored.DSC_9664

This houses a maintenance-free heavy duty motor. It has been designed to operate with the QSA Global Sentinel gearbox and control housings. Available in 25ft, 35ft and 50ft lengths.

Drive Unit

NDT-Electronic-Services-Guide-TubesSource guide tubes are flexible stainless steel tubes with a protective polyvinyl covering and are available to fit all Sentinel™ projector units.

In the world of non-destructive testing, Sentinel is a name synonymous with cutting-edge Gamma radiography projector systems, isotopes and associated accessories. As an authorised agent for service and repair, we can supply all available accessories

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Gilligan Engineering Services Ltd, our sister company, is the UK&I Official Distributor for QSA Global Sentinel. Gilligans can supply and transport the full range of QSA sources: Ir192, Se75, Yb169 and Co60

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