With ever improving technology and resolution, Digital Radiography (DR) is becoming more and more popular in the UK.

Partnering with manufacturers that match our core belief of quality and easy-to-use, we are here to support you on your DR journey, with the supplying and supporting of DR equipment and DR systems that are industry ready.

The three basic building blocks of DR are the:
1) Ionising radiation source (x-ray or gamma)
2) Digital detector
3) Software


DR can be used with x-ray generators or gamma sources (Ir192 & Se75).

For x-ray, a Constant Potential (CP) generator is required for compatibility with the digital detector. We can supply and support Teledyne ICM’s CPSERIES & battery operated portable equipment, and Gulmay static equipment with a Comet tube head.


Digital Detectors

With a variety of sizes and amazing resolutions from 49.5µm, we can supply Teledyne ICM GO-SCAN detectors. Designed by radiographers, for radiographers, all inhouse at ICM. GO-SCAN detectors are industry leading with a tough design.


Software is what makes or breaks a DR system, and Teledyne ICM SHERLOCK software is unrivalled for industrial DR. The immensely powerful ICM filter, and simplistic user interface, makes DR user-friendly, accurate and quick to deploy.

Support, Spares and Repairs

As well as being able to offer full support for all our supplied systems, we can repair 99.9% of X-ray systems including G.E. Yxlon, Seifert, Andrex, Balteau, Scanray and Philips.

Contact us to discover how we can help you stay in production, safe and compliant.

NDT X-ray supply service & repair